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What do Wellness Chiropractors do Different than the Standard Ones?
    Great Question! The purpose of any real “adjustment” is to continually re-set your neurological channels allowing better open communication from the main computer hardware (the brain and spinal cord) to the rest of the body (the software) and vice versa. This allows the master internal intelligent life force to operate the body. We also realize that there is a glitch in the software (muscles, glands, organs) that will continually blow out the circuit and need continual rebooting. In wellness chiropractic we see this as something that is a limited factor. So we investigate toxicity, hormone stress, and nutritional needs to stop this from re-occurring. -Dr. Steven Varney, 2020

Spinal Adjustments And Kids

   "Spinal adjustments and my child? Why? He doesn't have back pain or neck pain." Do you find yourself asking the same question? If you do read on. As  chiropractors, we often encounter parents who understand the importance of regular exams for their child's eyes, ears, throat, hearing and teeth, but wo overlook routine spinal check-ups, In fact, they could be the most important check up your child will ever receive.

  As a concerned parent, you want the best for your child and no doubt wonder if your child is as healthy as he or she could be. Several factors impact your child's overall health. These include: diet, exercise, proper rest, emotional and spiritual support, and a properly functioning nervous system.

 A major component of health is the communication between your child's brain and body.  This vital link controls the growth=, repair, and function of every tissue and organ. The spinal cord sends messages from the brain throughout the body via billions of nerves. Interference (nerve pressure or irritation) places the body in a state of disharmony. This can lead to decreased immune function and sickness.

 Starting with the birthing itself, our bodies are subjected to many spinal traumas. Even the most 'natural" of births can cause stress when the infant is developing proper head support and is learning to sit up, crawl, and walk.

 The home is the primary site where the young child receives spinal injuries. A study conducted by the National Safety Council, discovered that nearly 50% of children fall headfirst from a high place ( changing table, bed, etc.) during their first year of life. Many of these falls go undetected. Unfortunately, although immediate symptoms may not be apparent, spinal health can be compromised.


Natural vs. Synthetic Vitamins

    It could be argued that neve in history has so much money been spent on the advertising and purchasing of any merchandise, with so little knowledge of the product itself, on the part of either the seller or the buyer, as has been spent on vitamin and mineral supplements. Billions are being spent annually, and most purchasers, wholesalers, retailers, or direct-to-the consumer salespeople do not know the difference between a synthetic, a crystalline, and a truly natural vitamin, or the difference between a chelated organic and an inorganic mineral.

In short the difference is between something that's living and something that's dead. THATS A HUGH DIFFERENCE!!!

     Vitamins in their natural state always exist as a living complexes with specific synergistic co-factors, enzymes, phytonutrients, and organic mineral-activators, and never as isolated single factors. 

    WHOLE FOOD VITAMINS this means vitamins as they are found in food, untampered with any way that would change their molecular structure, their biological or biochemical combination, or their reactions. On the vitamin labels as the " NATURAL" has no specific definition other than that the substances exists somewhere on the planet.

  To identify synthetics on the label, look to see if a source is given. If it is not, assume the product is synthetic. With whole food natural supplements never come in high dosages. It is only possible to create high-dosage "vitamins" if you isolate one fraction of the vitamin complex as in crystalline, or synthesize one fraction as in synthetics. Look at the Vitamin C and Vitamin E diagrams. In naturally-occurring Vitamin C Complex the ascorbic acid potion comprises only 5% of the whole complex. 

  We as consumers, have been thoroughly fooled and mislead about vitamins. We have been hoodwinked into believing that large quantities of dead chemicals are more nutritionally potent than smaller amounts of high-quality living compounds

    CRYSTALLINE: This means that a natural food has been treated with various with various chemicals, solvents, heat and distillations to reduce it down to one specific " pure" crystalline vitamin. In this process all the synergists, which are termed 'impurities,' are destroyed. There is no longer anything natural in the action of crystalline "vitamins," they should be name drugs not vitamins. 

  SYNTHETIC: This means that a chemist attempted to reconstruct the exact structure of the crystalline molecule by chemically combining molecules from other sources. Theses sources are not living foods, but dead chemicals. For example, Vitamin B1 is made from a coal tar derivative, and d-alpha tocopherol (so-called Vitamin E) is a byproduct of materials used by the Eastman Kodak company to make film. However, it is not legally necessary to give the sources from which the synthetic "vitamin" is derived. Synthetic "vitamins" should more accurately be called drugs'

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