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Our Perspective On: The COVID-19 Virus

I have been amazed since last year at how America has been taken through the media on a whirlwind of wild, un-founded, un-scientific news. We have lost our common sense and ability to think on our own. For those of us who gained natural immunity to many "scary" things through the years, this seems to be blown way out of proportion. People who are obese, over 65, diabetic, have heart or blood pressure issues, and have a weakened immune system are at high risk! Really, wow why? Because they are already sick!

The Highly inflated worldwide "reported" cases hit 22 million lately. That's out of over 7 Billion people on the planet! Bugs- Germs- Viruses- Bacteria don't cause people to get sick but they can only exist and thrive in an environment that allows their survival. That is a weak, fatigued, poor nutritionally fed person! Mr. Gates or Fauci have NEVER mentioned anything you should do to build a stronger defense system.

So if people with "compromised" immune systems are at risk, why don't we focus on doing things to help ourselves? Ahh, that's the question! Answer: Because all things driven by fear take away from your power to believe in yourself. All medical monopolies and billionaires vested in food, drugs, vaccines, and hospitals do not want healthy people. There is no money in health people. Tell people they should NOT drink soda, eat sugar, pasta, fast food or any empty calories; but need to exercise, get more sleep, eat live food full of nutrients, have a full, open line of brain to body power going on the regular nervous system. check-up (chiropractic) would be crazy. 


The virus is real, but like all invaders, it can only exist if you're weak. Be a bad host! Bugs can't survive or start in a healthy body- So get stronger! We can help! 


Dr. Steven Varney

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