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All of your pain-relieving rubs have an ingredient in them that keeps them from really being effective. It's an acrylic (plastic) called carbomer (check your label if you don't believe us). This carbomer keeps the gels from penetrating the skin to help your painful areas. Nature's Gel has ten ingredients to help your pain, plus aloe vera for your skin. This all helps these healing ingredients reach deep to the source of your pain, guaranteed.

P.S. You can wash off your pain gel with water, but you CAN NOT wash off Nature's Gel even with soap and water. Why? Because our gel penetrates quickly, giving you immediate relief!

We suggest you apply Nature's Gel over wherever you hurt one half hour before bedtime and again after your bath or shower in the morning. Twice-daily works best. It actually helps your body heal. Nature's Gels powerful ingredients work hard while you are sleeping to relax the muscles, reduce swelling and increase circulation to help the healing process. You will sleep better, be more comfortable and feel more rested in the morning.

Many clients have told us how Nature's Gel has helped open clogged sinuses, much like Vicks. Nature's Gel can reduce pressure in your head and help you feel better with colds, headaches, allergies and congestion. Just put a little Nature's Gel on your neck, forehead and chest.

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