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Nearly a Third of Health Care Workers Don’t Want the COVID Vaccine

A study of 5,929 health care workers including nurses and doctors found that 32.2% either don’t want the vaccine or want to delay it.

Of that number, 47.3% were nurses; medical doctors comprised only 13.1% of the vaccine-hesitant. Females were more hesitant than males, as were persons of color.

Study participants cited side effects as one of their primary reasons for not wanting the vaccine. Yet, while the study authors indicated they did not know where or from whom the hesitant workers got their information, study authors decided that “exposure to misinformation” also played a part in their not wanting to take the jabs.

The authors proposed that “educational efforts should be enhanced” to convince female health care workers through “accredited websites, scientific publications and local trusted experts” to take the vaccine.


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