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C’mon please have some respect for your mind, body and soul. Nobody seems to give credit to the creator of our body. When everyday without drugs, vaccines, or booked learned education Doctors telling your brain, heart, lungs, stomach, liver, kidney, etc.…. what to do or how to do it. When we push ourselves over the limit with stress from fake foods, energy drinks, sodas, coffee, white flour, sugar, dead dairy products and ill raised tainted farm animals it is no wonder the body reaches a critical tipping point of break down. Prior to this during the adapting phase of these stressors the body YELLS, CRYS and SHOTS to STOP AND HELP!!! These are called SYMPTOMS!!! No energy, pain headaches, is all signs of CRISIS CARE! Quick fix rich drug companies want you to believe if you don’t feel the pain or the numbness then you are healing. WHAT A LIE!!

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