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The Cause Of A.D.H.D

This is also called A.D.H.D. The H is added for the hyperactive to the lack of attention disorder. But why can't the brain stay focused? What's causing this inability to concentrate or stay calm? It is not the lack of pharmaceutical meds that is for sure! Like many other syndromes it is a lack of needed Nutritional fuel to operate daily function. The brain at birth is 80% fat and so is mother's milk! Not so with the worthless chemical " Formula's" that do nothing to support growth and development. The brain consumes 20% of the blood flow from your heart, so yes it needs oxygen in high amounts! Finally, it needs natural energy from glycogen an electrical sugar concerted in the liver from real food. last but not least the brain needs what is called Nervo transmitters which are produced in the gut flora from ingested protein. Thus, the lack of fat and protein are they contributing factors that do not allow proper serotonin to be made and sent to the brain. Thus, NO dopamine or melatonin to balance focus. Minerals are the Slowing down or the calming factors of the body. All are found in properly grown vegetables with herbicides, pesticide or fungicides! The liver does not develop the ability to neutralize metal in the blood till after 2 years old. Thus, anything transferred from mother's placenta or injected into the blood stream (vaccinations) well create hyper-immune response to clear it out. The number one thing that weakens stomach acid to break down veggies and portions is refined sugar or carbs. As these weaken the digestive juices and make it impossible to break down healthy food into useable form. Thus, the brain gets agitated, irrational and in essence goes a little crazy. Needing satisfaction, it will accept an empty form of fuel = sugar! This will temporally satisfy the need for energy but quietly burn through it. The evil food companies know this and still deiced to put more sugar in our cereals and all food. This helps create junk food addicts! Yes, it is not the kids fault or a psychiatric disorder. This is a Nutritional bio-chemical imbalance and can be corrected with natural health care recovery program. We must fix our digestion, eat healthy fats, proteins and minerals, slowly change diet, stay away from long exposure to screens and computers. We also need to reset our nerve system and keep regular adjustments. This is not simple or a quick fix. Work is required and also tim

e and effort.

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